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I am a success coach for business professional women who want desired results, satisfaction and joy in their careers and personal lives. 

"BMY is a Success Coaching program primarily using powerful Mental Shifts, Meditation and Manifestation. We do the work and go through the steps to be able to successfully Design our Lives with Intent, Pursue our Passions & Purpose and learn how to have the Confidence & Courage to Make it Happen."

-Kellsie Louise
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Six Week Self Guided Course on the Fundamentals of Personal Growth. Perfect Starting Place to Step Into The Future You Desire and Design Your Life With Intent.


22 Guided Meditation Sessions with 22 Days of Written Prompts to Help You Eliminate Self Limiting Beliefs. 

Private Coaching

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Remember, your life only changes by changing from the inside out. Not living conditionally. It doesn't work to say "When my circumstances change, then I'll change how I choose to think and feel about my life." How are your circumstances going to change if you don't? Because it's your thinking and feeling that created those circumstances in the first place. You must transform at the feeling and thinking level first in order for your external reality to transform. 

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I'm Kellsie Louise and it's my mission to help women empower their lives through building confidence, self understanding, and learning that changing their thinking followed by specific action changes their lives. Together, we build the future they want. 
My own personal journey (and years of training) brought me to the place where I am now able to work with women around the world - using my unique 3XM Marvelous Method - to empower women with the exact steps and strategies they need to make a life changing transformation and finally start living the vibrant, confident, joyful life they deserve!
We collaboratively build a personalized life-design for each woman that teaches mindset shifts and meditation as key tools to create lasting change. Then incorporating the powerful action-step goal strategies and manifestation which leads to the life transformation of empowerment, confidence and success. 
XOXO, Kellsie  
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Our External Reality is a Reflection of our Internal World. So let's make our inner world really amazing!

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What We Focus on Expands, so let's focus on the Best Thoughts possible. Learn This in The Mindset Reset Program.

Overwhelm and Confusion lead to inaction. Clear up the clutter and start changing your life immediately with the Empowered Life Formula. 

Stay tuned for a Brand New Beautiful Course for Creatives! "Access for Artist"

"For the first time in my life I feel in control, empowered and able to live the life I have always dreamed. It seems silly but before Be Marvelous I found it easy to just go through the motions of what I thought should and would make me happy. Now just thought of that is painful because I am fully aware of what actually brings me joy!...Learning to love myself is the biggest take away from this program. I can honestly say I love myself. I love my flaws and quirks. I know what drives me and know what affects me negatively. My core values and desires are now established. Since I have established these core desires it is easier for me to stick to my goals and live the life I know I deserve...I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have worked through the Be Marvelous course. The impact it has had on my life, relationships and career is remarkable. If you are ready to learn a lot about yourself and change your life in a fun, safe and caring environment you need to do Be Marvelous!"

Katie Vogel

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"Helping Women live their desired life while loving themselves fully during the process." -Kellsie


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