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Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels vs. Kartra

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

 Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Kajabi

Firstly, let me tell you real quick that there is an AMAZING summer deal going on right now from July 1st - August 1st 2019, for new sign-ups, only offered through a few partners. If you use my affiliate link here, you will get 10% OFF your entire subscription!!! SUPERRRRR worth it, especially if you grab that annual package. 


We’ve all been there: dark, late nights spent awake, staring at our screens, pulling our hair out over clunky online interfaces. The story is the same: another membership program promising ease and success on their homepage. You purchased, downloaded, installed…and now it’s driving you crazy.

I’ve been there. Too many times to count, as much as I hate to admit it. To be honest, I always thought of myself as a pretty tech-savvy person, so when I couldn’t easily navigate Kartra or Clickfunnels, I felt like the fault was my own. Perhaps I wasn’t actually as knowledgeable as I thought I was; email after email to support teams provided no relief. Three daily cups of coffee and a lot of stress later, I realized that, maybe, I just had to try a different approach. I wasn’t focusing on my sales; I wasn’t focusing on growing my business or taking care of my clients; which was the entire reason why I purchased these platforms in the first place.

      That’s when I found Kajabi.

It was an absolute game-changer. The way it impacted my business and rewrote my story of failure is why I am going to be a lifetime Kajabi member.

I’ve assembled my top 5 reasons for loving Kajabi below. Check them out, give Kajabi a try, and let me know what you think! If you’re anything like me, I have a feeling you’ll be absolutely blown away. 


  1.     Easy-to-use interface

This is my number one, and the main reason why Kajabi was a breath of fresh air. Everything is elegant, beautiful, seamless, and smooth. Unlike Kartra and Clickfunnels, which I found difficult to operate, Kajabi provides an intuitive platform for the everyday user. Things are easy to find, the tools and courses are easy to use, and it just simply works every single time.

 The best way I can describe it, in my case, was making the switch from PC to Mac a couple of years ago. The Mac interface just made sense to me, like flipping on a stove versus striking a match to ignite it. It took me a total of three days (that’s it!) to set up and transfer my webpages completely using Kajabi. The same process took me weeks on Clickfunnels, simply due to what felt like endless clicking and confusion. Everything on Kajabi was simple, and the end result was aesthetically gorgeous.


  1. Applicable Marketing Tools

Above all else, Kajabi is a membership course program, meaning it has an abundance of tools, features, course options, and extras. It is the only online course program that I feel is truly a one-stop shop. In addition to the beautiful website-hosting and creation tools that Kajabi provides, it also provides pdf/document storage, included Wistia video hosting, Stripe and Paypal integration, quiz/assessment add-ons, affiliate management, webinar hosting (both live and pre-recorded) and a whole CRM system. It even includes a private community for meeting and discussing strategy with like-minded individuals (so, no more sifting through Facebook pages!).

 It’s all there - I no longer had to pay extra for ZapierTeachable, Clickfunnels, Convertkit/Active Campaign/Mailchimp, Squarespace, or Evergreen webinar platforms. The price I paid for Kajabi makes sense if you use, or want to use, all of these tools.


  1. Beautiful Designs

As mentioned before, the end result of anything you create on Kajabi is truly, effortlessly beautiful. I didn’t have to muscle CSS or HTML or hire any freelance website builders to help me make my website shine. I love getting help and outsourcing appropriate things but I wasn’t in a position to do that at the time so I LOVED that I could do it on my own, exactly to my own vision. Finally, I could focus on the heart, soul, and design of my business, without stressing out about how to make it all come together. I didn’t have to worry if the end result would be legible or clean.


  1. Impeccable Customer Service

Another reason why Kajabi is so easy to navigate is due to their unparalleled commitment to customer service. The team provides 24/7 support, which means that you can get your questions answered, big or small, literally anytime you need something fixed, clarified, or explained. Kajabi describes their own team members as caring, solution-focused individuals who root for you and your business. I found that to be so true. Gone were the days of copy pasted solutions into my email inbox; every response from Kajabi’s team was friendly, personal, and genuine. Most importantly, it was always immediate. I didn’t have to spend days waiting for answers to my questions, which is, in my opinion, a huge part of the reason why Kajabi Is my forever number one.

 Their customer-service centric approach also means that Kajabi is constantly rolling out updates. They’re always evolving their platform and finding new ways to give you more ways to elevate your brand.


  1. Flexible Free Trial

 Okay, I get it. Even with all this awesome stuff, you still might not be satisfied. Everyone is different; just like I do, you have a particular taste, so I know that Kajabi isn't going to be the right choice for every single person. You may find that the design and interface or Kartra or Leadpages or Clickfunnels works better for you — and that’s okay! The good news is, Kajabi anticipates your trepidation, and provides a really awesome 2 week, no risk, free trial. You get the full package on your trial: the website builder, each and every marketing tool, and you can even start making sales. In my case, the all-access free trial was instrumental in my success, as I was able to consequently finish my website within 2 days. That really sealed the deal for me, because, if I could do all that I did in 2 days, what could a month, a year, a decade, do for my business?

 However, if you’re as interface-focused as I am, you might want more time to explore. Grab your trial, relax with no strings attached, and feel free to browse.

 If you’d like to have a bit more time to decide, feel free to use my affiliate link for a FULL 28 days FREE trial.

 I truly hope you find success with whichever online course platform you decide to stick with. If you’re like me, and Kajabi has become your home, leave me a comment or an email and let me know! Remember, you know yourself, and your business, best.



      To watch my in-depth video review on Kajabi and other platforms, click here.


Thank you so much for using my affiliate links from this post, it helps me out a TON! I didn’t even know that Kajabi had an affiliate referral program until after 3 months of using it and falling in love with the platform. And when you become a Kajabian, you can get referral deals too! 



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