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Go from Camera Shy, to On-air pro

In Just 3 Days, Even if you feel like a lost cause, no clue where to begin or what to talk about




What if in just 3 days you could:

  1. Have your entire 2020 year of video content mapped out for you, that will only take you 3 -10 minutes a day to produce.
  2. Transform so that getting on camera will FINALLY feel fun, not stressful, heavy or like the scary monster in your closet you’ve been avoiding, EVEN IF you feel like a lost cause, don't own a camera or have any clue what to talk about.
  3. Leave with a completed, professional VSL / launch video that you LOVED even if you don't know what you're launching yet. 

>> I SEE YOU <<
Visionary, Creative, Expert, Entrepreneur; You're a Personal Brand Business Owner,

I see you, I hear you, I feel your struggle. And it's time for you to show up as the authority in your business that you truly are.  And the Fastest Way to do that? Is through Video.

If the biggest thing standing between you and the success you want to create is this fear of being visible, REALLY Visible.

I’ve created this retreat specifically for you.

Come and learn, practice and implement the EXACT powerful strategies & mindset shifts you need to stop hiding behind your laptop and take bold action and put yourself, your business & your message out there like never before.


Dear PURPOSE Driven Entrepreneur

  • You're Working your buns off to build your stand-out, authentic brand online and get clients from social media.

  • You have an amazing product or service that can make a huge difference in people's lives and bring in that dream money BUT you're not getting the results you want yet. AND you feel like you're posting and posting and working hard and doing all the things...EXCEPT getting on video

  • You know video is the #1 converter; it builds a brand, makes you stand out in your niche; allows your audience to know you, like you, trust you faster than anything else.

  • But you just simply hate it. You hate getting on camera. 

  • You feel like a lost cause. Your eyebrow does a weird thing, your voice sounds crazy, you freeze up or ramble or turn into a robot.

  • You have no clue what to say, where to start, how to get out of your own head.
    Am I right?

  • If getting in front of the camera has ever HELD YOU BACK, this is for you.

>>>  I’m just like you; an entrepreneur who was scared of really BEING SEEN. Of getting in front of the camera and who tries to figure out all the moving pieces when really the thing you need to be focusing on - is you & your audience.

But I know the fears and the thoughts running through your head that hold you back.

You want so badly for your message to be shared - but you are afraid of being judged, how you look on camera, hate the sound of your voice when it's played back to you, of not know what to say or sounding dumb. Trust me, I get it.  

But together, we’re going to fix this once and for all, in 72 fun hours! 

You're building your business and it’s time to connect with your audience on a deeper level to expand your reach, build your following, increase your impact and transform the lives of your clients while building the business of your dreams -

Are you ready to be bold? To be courageous?

To do the hard thing and be seen



---> So, now it's time to stop leaving opportunity, clients, collabs, growth & money on the table and figure out this whole "video thing" <---

(minus the panic attacks, announcer voice or endless procrastination)


NOVEMBER 15 - 17TH, 2019




Camera Ready Retreat is a 3-day, live, intimate event on November 15 - November 17, 2019 in Denver, CO at The Villa Parker, that will release every deep-rooted insecurity you have about being on camera so you’ll never feel like you're having a panic attack on Facebook Live again.

This VIP Weekend retreat will give you all the training, strategy, tools, tricks and tips you need to truly overcome your fears around video and start creating the right content for your business with A-list celebrity-level confidence.


It's nice to meet you!

I'm Kellsie Moore, The On-Camera Expert For Entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, I know how important video content is in developing that know-like-trust factor with your audience.

As a professional actress, I know how to communicate my message on camera without sounding like an 80's soap opera star (love the drama but it's pretty fake and phony, not what we want in biz!).

As an acting coach and the on camera expert for entrepreneurs, I know that even the most introverted introverts can shine on camera when they learn how to let go and be vulnerable.

xx, Kellsie 

Founder of Be Marvelous You

Actress, Mindset Mentor, Business Strategist

Lets do this!

You're Scared of Being Embarrassed. Of looking or sounding stupid. 

You're amazing in person and then the camera turns on and you turn into awkward turtle, cringing into a ball of embarrassment at the sound of their own voice.

Or you just become stiff, robotic and boring - eek!

For others, it’s wrestling with pesky tech issues or completely losing your train of thought while that lens stares you down (ever forgot your own first name?).

No matter what your struggle is, I promise you that together, we can fix it.


If you know you need to grow your social presence and your business through video but you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, and feel a massive weight of resistance every time you turn the recording from filming your dog to you…then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

I have designed everything that you need to know, do and have to bust through these limiting beliefs so you can thrive as your confident, best self on camera and truly connect in a personal way to your audience.

Because your DAILY face to camera videos are some thing YOU need to do, not a team member. And it is 100% necessary for modern day marketing. 

If You Ignore The Stuff You Don't Like Doing, It Doesn’t Go Away…It Just Gets Worse...and you CAN do this! We can do this together. 

No, you don't have to be a professional actress to make quality videos. But it sure helps to have one in your corner doesn't it?

My goal for this weekend is for you to break through the fears and insecurities surrounding video that are holding you back, so you can be the confident, successful business owner you are off-screen, on-screen.

Because let’s face it, no matter how much we dread doing Facebook Lives, video marketing isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, a recent study found that 96% of people watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and 79% of people confirmed that they were convinced to make a purchase based on a brand’s video.

On the other side of the fence, 84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website, and 81% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

There’s no getting around it — video content makes sales. So don’t let fear, insecurity or confusion keep you from integrating this powerful marketing strategy into your business in 2020.

It's a No Brainer

Chris Harder - For The Love Of Money Podcast


READY TO GO FROM >>>> TO>>>>>>>>

Still Have Questions? Let's Chat!

Schedule a free, 15 minute call with me personally to see if The Camera Ready Retreat is a perfect fit for you.



What does it include?

Click below!

CAMERA READY RETREAT DATES: Friday, November 15 — Sunday, November 17, 2019 at The Villa Parker, 10750 Drive, Parker, Colorado

Full event itinerary will be provided the week of the retreat. Book your flight now!

Unless posted otherwise, all food, drinks and transportation are not included in the price of your ticket. Hotel is not included, but discounted rates with preferred partner available. You will receive the full itinerary and travel details upon purchase. 

  1. FINALLY feel powerful & confident on camera and communicate effectively, authentically and have the impact you desire. 
  2. Unlock your true leader and step into the authority you are and create your way to stand out online
  3. Leave with a blueprint PLAN for how you'll be using video all throughout 2020 in your marketing. 
  4. Gain the ability to "hop on" camera at anytime and feel great about it. 
  5. Minimum of three completed live videos over the weekend. 
  6. Powerful group breakout sessions with practice, feedback, and personal coaching from me.
  7. Updated & Aligned branding and messaging in your videos.
  8. A professionally filmed and produced video for your sales/marketing/training videos/ads etc. We will write the script over the weekend to fit exactly what you need even if you have no idea what you'll talk about yet. ($2,000 VALUE)
  9. Coaching for the camera to enhance your communication, technique and skillset
  10. Your FULL year of video content planned out so you confidently know what to say on camera and how to say it.
  1. One PRIVATE zoom coaching session with Kellsie after the retreat ($600 value)
  2. One GROUP coaching session after the retreat ($500 value) 
  3. Incredible Best Selling Author, Scott Aaron, Keynote speaker who will teach the business strategies behind using video in your personal outreach. ($7,000 VALUE) A professional headshot after our pro hair and make-up artist tends to you. ($300 VALUE)
  4. Networking with great business connections
  5. Gifts from our Sponsors: Soul CBD, Hydrate IV Bar, Kajabi, Enstroms 
  6. A yoga and meditation session to keep our health up as we develop this new skillset
  7. Shuttle to and from the partnered hotel to Villa
  8. A celebratory drink at the end of our event!


Here’s why I know you’re going to nail this.

This work can be intimidating, and you’ve been feeling stuck and procrastinating for a while, you found your way here and made the active decision to take a step forward and do something. 

This tells me you’re:

Persistent and ambitious as hell about getting to your next level (whatever that looks like for you)

NOT willing to let fear stop you from sharing your message and making an impact

Willing to do what it takes to master video and your personal presence once I give you the right tools and training

And that… is something I really admire.


Ready to have powerful on-camera presence?

Together, we’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome your fears around filming.
  • Increase your confidence, presence and charisma on-camera.
  • Find inspiration for both live or pre-recorded video content.
  • Write professional and engaging scripts (that won’t require you to memorize every single line).
  • Fix your specific brand of on-camera faux pas.
  • Integrate video content into your marketing strategy to 10x your sales in 2020!

With me as your guide, we’ll work through the root cause of your video-phobia so your authentic self can still shine through — even when the camera starts rolling.

Why it's so awesome

  • Practical planning and implementation is how you get results
  • Personal, small group coaching is the proven most effective way to illicit change
  • You walk away with an imperative skillset and a tangible, professionally done VSL custom designed to your business growth.

It's Important

  • You'll learn exactly how, when, what type and where to posts your videos for optimal results
  • Our INCREDIBLE guest speaker, Linkedin Expert, Amazon Best Seller, Scott Aaron, will privately teach our group the BEST PRACTICES for video connection & posting. 
  • You'll have an exact blueprint to follow of what you should post - where and when and why for all social platforms and why LinkedIn is the best kept secret and what to do about it.


"This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Kellsie truly taught me self-love and how to find happiness within. I would recommend this program to anyone...I was really hard on myself before and she goes over goals and how to change and do it differently...Since this program I feel like I'm better in more stressful situations...I'm so thankful to Kellsie for introducing me to this"

Marvelous Coaching


"I love my flaws and quirks, I know what drives me and what affects me negatively...I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have worked through the Be Marvelous You Course. The impact it has had on my life, relationships and career is remarkable. If you are ready to learn a lot about yourself and change your life in a fun, safe and caring environment, you need to do Be Marvelous!"


"Absolutely love the Be Marvelous You Program! Kellsie is so great to work with, and she genuinely cares about your success. I definitely recommend her to anyone."

This is an intimate event

With extremely limited spots for you to receive the personal coaching you need.

The Be Marvelous On-Camera Weekend Workshop is for you if:

  •  You’ve been a resident of the “um” club for decades.
  • You would rather get a root canal then do a 20-minute Facebook Live.
  • You get extreme DRY mouth or your face feels all tight, awkward and gets lock jaw as soon as it's time to speak
  • You start stress-sweating at the idea of memorizing lines.
  • You feel heavy resistance and procrastination when it comes to filming videos
  • Your only acting experience was being cast as a tree in a kindergarten play.
  • You often find yourself blaming your inner introvert for your superstar shortcomings.
  • You suffer from on-camera amnesia, you lose your thought process, focus and forget what you're going to say.
  • You’ve accepted that “angry wasps in your tummy” feeling is the norm.
  • You don’t feel camera-ready unless you’ve had a Brazillian blowout, clean shave, mani-pedi, and a deep-tissue massage.
  • You’re feeling “okay” about your video content, but it’s not meeting the standard of excellence the rest of your business is held to.
  • You relate way too much to this scene from Talladega Nights:

>> This is not one of those massive seminars where you sit in an impersonal, freezing hotel business room, on uncomfortable chairs for eight hours while an expert with a hurls an encyclopedia of information at you and then tells you to go “change your life.”

>> Camera Ready Retreat is an intimate gathering, small-group style luxury workshop where we’ll be able to connect over private yoga classes, delicious meals, rocky mountain fresh air, gorgeous hillside views and first-class service under the roof of The Villa Parker.

>> Easily the most Insta-worthy workshop you’ve ever attendedThe Villa Parker will charm you.  It’s the perfect place to escape to for some much-needed focus and inspiration.

>> You’ll be in a room with other like-minded, successful entrepreneurs who care deeply about their optimal performance and being their best.



> I know I need to be using video in my business, I just don't have TIME to do it. 

Yup, I used to think that too. 

> It's hustle time and you have family, furbabies, gym, clients - all of it.

But "not having time" is just a story about your relationship to time. 

You FEEL like you don't have time because you are unclear about what you can and need to be doing with video...

How to work it into your routine and what to say when you press record.

>>> I will show you HOW to have the time to add video into your life.

It's an Investment.

Into you, your growth, your business, and your ability to reach more people.

> To SCALE, expand and learn to re-purpose engaging content.

> This investment into yourself is a skillset that you can't outsource, because you're the ONLY YOU. 

> Yes it's a skill that people take lifetimes to master, but we can improve LEAPS AND BOUNDS in just these three powerful days. Yes, even you.

Don't Miss It. 



Schedule your free, 15 minute call with me personally to see if The Camera Ready Retreat is a perfect fit for you.












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